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Why Join AATF?

The Philadelphia Chapter of AATF encourages teachers of French to become members. New teachers, established teachers, retired teachers. One may ask about the benefits of such membership. “Why join?” I was recently musing on this question with the current President of AATF-Philadelphia, Jeanne Copeland. I asked her to share her thoughts.

Jeanne: It is so important to be a member of the AATF! It is simply a wonderful association that focuses on the importance of the French language and Francophone world. I remember when I joined and the first AATF related activity I did with my students was the Grand Concours.

Rochelle: So, through your AATF membership, you were able to participate in le Grand Concours? And did le Grand Concours encourage and inspire your students.

Jeanne: Oh, yes! Absolutely. After then I started going to chapter events and I remember my first Congrès in Quebec! I just couldn’t believe all the French teachers attending, sharing ideas, information, and new teaching approaches.

Rochelle: I agree thoroughly, Jeanne. Our Chapter events showcase well-known presenters who offer outstanding pedagogical and cultural programs. And the National Conventions, the myriad workshop options offer endless opportunities to explore new methods and discover new materials. So, through your membership you were able to learn new information which benefits you as a teacher, as well as your students? And I imagine that the interaction among teachers of French at the AATF sponsored events brought interesting and important insights and so much wonderful camaraderie among AATF colleagues?

Jeanne: Yes! And it is such a supportive association as well, nationally and locally. >>