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Grants We Offer

Each year, AATF Philadelphia provides grants to further development and honor exceptional individuals. We’ve included guidelines and eligibility information below.


  • To inspire and support your professional development dreams
  • We, the Executive Council of the Philadelphia Chapter of AATF, are pleased to invite AATF-Philadelphia teachers of French to apply for the 2023 Marilyn Conwell Professional Development Grant. The amount of the award will range from $500 to $1,000, depending on the award recipient’s project needs.


  • Official documentation of teaching French for a minimum of two consecutive years at the institution where currently employed.
  • Submission of the Application Form
  • A Letter of Recommendation from a current school administrator (e.g. Department Coordinator, Principal, Dean)
  • A proposal that provides:
    • The program and/or course name, including the links to the websites, that you wish to pursue
    • A detailed description of your proposed project
    • A detailed description of how the project will enhance the teacher’s curriculum, including benefits to the students
    • A specific title for the mini-course
    • The time frame for the mini-course, i.e. two weeks, one month
    • The course level (ex. French 4)
    • The proficiency level (ex. Novice High)
    • The specific objectives
    • A detailed description of the mini-course (8–10 bullet points)
    • Examples of in-class student activities
    • A description of the authentic resources you will use (ex. text, music)
    • A description of the video that you will make and show as part of the mini-course
    • If foreign travel is part of the grant project, a photo collection of the places that you visit and of the people with whom you meet and interact to be used in teaching the project.


The grant recipient will provide:

  • An article submitted in early August for la Rentrée issue of the Chapter’s newsletter, le Réverbère, about how this opportunity contributed to professional development
  • A 2-hour presentation to Chapter members given in September, 2023.
  • If foreign travel is part of the project, the creation of a short video, or pictorial PowerPoint, included in the September presentation of the project.
  • Receipts presented to the Grant Selection Committee and to the Chapter Treasurer, documenting your payment of expenses for the program and/or course that you pursue.
  • If using the grant to pay for an accredited program:
    • Documented confirmation of acceptance to the program
    • Documented confirmation of successful completion of the program

All eligible applications will be reviewed by a Grant Selection Committee, composed of members of the AATF-Philadelphia Executive Council.

Grant Timeline

Applications must be submitted by January 10, 2023. The award winner will be announced to the membership.

Interested AATF-Philadelphia members are asked to submit a proposal, supporting documentation listed under Eligibility Criteria and the online application to the Chapter President, Jean M. Copeland by January 10, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact Jean M. Copeland.


This award was created by our chapter to honor a person who makes or has made a noteworthy contribution to the promotion of the study of French and/or of Francophone cultures in the United States.


The nominee must:

  • Not be a teacher of French (current or out-of-the classroom)
  • Reside or work within the region served by our chapter
  • Make or have recently made, within the region served by our chapter, a noteworthy contribution to the promotion of the French language and/or the promotion of French or Francophone cultures


The stipend is given annually. The recipient receives a one-year complimentary national and local membership in the AATF. Expenses of up to $400.00 will be reimbursed by the local Chapter of the AATF upon completion of the recipient’s courses, workshops or specific activities related to the purpose of the award. A report or presentation will be given by the recipient to the Chapter describing the professional development activities and how they enhanced his/her teaching career within 6 months of the course or training completion.

If there is no qualified nominee in any given year, the Chapter reserves the right to withhold the award.


To qualify, please fill out the nomination form.
For more information, please contact Rochelle Ostroff-Weinberg.