Atelier Printemps 2021

Save the date! The Philadelphia Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French Invites you to its spring virtual workshop ‘Level Up!’ with Mike Peto via Zoom.


About the Event

This two hour workshop, to be presented in English, introduces participants to creating a One Word Image: an engaging, highly adaptable technique that will tap into your students creativity while using the target language. We start with a demonstration in Portuguese. Online participants will experience the technique as students before learning to do it as teachers. Teachers will have time to gather in chat rooms to try out the technique themselves before returning to the whole group in order to discuss how to extend the technique into advanced classes. Participants will receive a 13 page instructional pamphlet that includes detailed instructions and links to demonstration videos so that you can confidently do this in your own classroom.

About Mike Peto

Mike Peto is known for the idea of the “Sweet Sixteen Verbs” to maintain a comprehensible classroom, his approaches to reading in the World Language classroom, and use of authentic media in lower level classes. He is the editor of a collection of essays by teachers who work with heritage learners, Practical Advice for Teachers of Heritage Learners of Spanish (2018, 2nd ed.) and through his writing workshops he has coached many teachers who dream of writing language learning novels with their students. Mike himself has written three books of fiction for learners of French, German, Portuguese and Spanish as well as books for educators about reading and CI technique. His CI Master Class has helped thousands of educators develop a solid approach to CI instruction. He has presented across the U.S. at many state and national conferences and runs a website for language teachers, My Generation of Polyglots. Thousands of teachers follow his newsletter documenting his own teaching experiences, Musings about my language classroom. A polyglot, Mike is currently improving his Japanese and French while maintaining his Spanish and Portuguese. German is next!

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