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Charles A. Downer, the first president of the association, states in the very first issue of the French Review that the purpose of the AATF was devoted to “…the maintenance of the highest standards of culture among the teachers, to the study and application of the best methods of instructions, the pursuit of the best conditions for teaching and the creation of the spirit of solidarity and mutual helpfulness without which these aims cannot be realized (Vol. 1, November 1927, p. 5).” This is not so very different from our mission more than 90 years later. The Philadelphia Chapter of the AATF was established in 1932 and has continued to strive to maintain the original goals set forth by Charles A. Downer.


Mission Statement

The AATF-Philadelphia Chapter focuses on understanding and fulfilling the needs of our members. We strive to develop meaningful programs for them about the Francophone world and the most current pedagogical practices in order to facilitate their teaching and enrich their lives with all things French and Francophone. We encourage interactive communication and exchange among all of our members, as well as among AATF members throughout North America.



The AATF loves Philadelphia, and our chapter is thrilled to welcome all members. Le Réverbère, our newsletter, provides pertinent cultural information, including lessons and activities, how to benefit from our special discount program with local French-related businesses, and announcements of regional upcoming events, to help our members in their teaching and lives. We offer meaningful programs about the Francophone world and the most current pedagogical practices through our workshops and social events. Members are able to take part in a myriad of activities, such as workshops, performances, and events, as well. Over the course of the year, AATF Philly puts on affairs like our Soirée Cinéma at the start of the New Year, National French Week, and Le Grand Concours (The National French Contest).